Davie Shipbuilding, CSN union agree to 5-year contract

Deal includes raises every year, better retirement packages

Davie Shipbuilding was searching for an 18-month deal with its union, but has announced a five-year collective agreement was signed with members of the Confédération des Syndicats Nationaux (CSN).

The deal will see employees get a five per cent wage raise in the first year, followed by two per cent salary increases in each subsequent year.

“We will maintain the flexibility and manufacturing productivity that has, to a large degree, made Davie so successful since we acquired the business in 2012 and our people get to share in our future success,” said company chairman Alan Bowen.

The deal also includes a change to the night shift rotation from five eight-hour shifts, to four 10-hour shifts. As well, the company said it “will provide for a progressive retirement for senior employees,” including greater vacation allowances.

The company also wanted to maintain trade flexibility and the ability to sub-contract work, which it said will continue to provide the company more options. “Davie can maintain itself as the most competitive, flexible and most efficient shipbuilder in this country,” said CEO Jared Newcombe.

The company signed the deal with Confédération des Syndicats Nationaux (CSN).

Davie is Canada’s largest shipbuilder and industrial, according to the company, providing services and products for offshore oil and gas production, as well as for the Canadian Navy.

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