Employees in private seniors’ residences strike

Union calling for $15 minimum wage

Employees in 38 private residences in Quebec launched a two-day strike on May 30.

Approximately 3,000 workers are participating in the labour action.

The employees are protesting after the employer and union reached an impasse in negotiations.

Salary remains a major point of contention between the parties.

The Syndicat Quebecois des Employées et Employés de Service (SQEES-FTQ) is calling for a minimum wage of $15 per hour.

If a satisfactory agreement is not reached, the union announced its intention to launch an unlimited general strike.

A previous strike on May 11 led to agreements for workers at Résidence L’Image d”Outremont Inc., Maison Mémoire du Coeur (Saint-Charles-Borromée) and Domaine des Forges (Laval).

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