Kinosao Sipi Minisowin workers in Winnipeg join MGEU

Organization offers child-care support services

Twenty-one workers of Kinosao Sipi Minisowin Child and Family Services (CFS ) voted to join the Manitoba Government and General Employees’ Union (MGEU) on June 28.

“We continue to grow as a union in this sector and it’s because workers are recognizing the strength we have across the province representing child and family services workers,” said Michelle Gawronsky, MGEU president.

Located in Winnipeg, Kinosao Sipi Minisowin employees support children and families by developing and delivering programs and services across Manitoba. The new local includes CFS workers, alternate-care workers, clerical workers and foster care workers, said the union.

MGEU represents the majority of those who work in child and family services in Manitoba, including about 225 workers who work directly for the province and more than 550 who work in agencies like Kinosao Sipi Minisowin CFS, said MGEU.

The next step for the local is to elect a bargaining committee and set proposal meeting dates to prepare for negotiations on their first collective agreement with their employer, according to the union.

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