Ontario elementary schools in Stratford, Timmins area closed Monday for strikes

First of ETFO’s strike announcements

Elementary teachers in Ontario’s north and in Stratford will hold one-day strikes on Dec. 10.

The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) has hinted at rotating strikes beginning Monday and those in the Timmins area and Stratford are the first to be announced, in response to the provincial government’s bill 115, which imposes contracts on teachers for two years and freezes their wages.

Parents received letters from the District School Board Ontario North East (DSBONE) on Dec. 5, which notified them of the Monday closure, the Timmins Times reported. “If any further strike action is to occur, we will again inform you in as timely a fashion as possible,” the letter stated.

The DSBONE’s director of education Linda Knight said 4,000 students at the Avon-Maitland School Board in Stratford will also be affected.

Teachers in the northern part of the DSBONE will picket at schools in Kapuskasing and those in the south will picket at a school in New Liskeard.

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