Shell says Pernis oil refinery strike having significant impact

‘Actioners’ wages will be cut to reflect actions: Company

LONDON (Reuters) — Royal Dutch Shell said on Tuesday a strike over wages was having a significant impact at its 400,000 barrels per day Pernis oil refinery and the Moerdijk petrochemical plant.

Dutch trade union FNV said on Monday production at Europe’s biggest refinery will be gradually reduced to 65 per cent of capacity.

“The actions (are) significant in many ways, short-term and longer-term, and we are disappointed in the heaviness and size of the actions already from the start,” a spokeswoman said.

“(The salaries of) those that register themselves as ‘actioners’ will be cut by a percentage I can’t specify further. Again, this is to support the majority of the workers that are work-willing and that are impacted by the actions as well.”

The wage reductions will be implemented as early as this afternoon for as long as the strike continues, she said, declining to give more details.

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