Steeplejack Services (Contracting)

Edmonton, Alta. (Construction workers) and the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, Local 2010

Renewal agreement: Effective Oct. 18, 2015, to Oct. 18, 2018. Signed on Oct. 16, 2015.
Wage adjustments: 
Effective Oct. 18, 2016: $1.50 more per hour
Effective Oct. 18, 2017: $1.50
Shift premium: First 4 hours worked on a Saturday will be time and one-half, and double time for all hours after. Double time for hours worked on a Sunday or on a statutory holiday.
Paid holidays: 11 days.
Vacations with pay: 2 weeks to start, 3 weeks after 5 years, 4 weeks after 11 years, 5 weeks after 21 years. 
Overtime: Time and one-half for all hours over 8 per day.
Meal allowance: A hot meal and paid half hour to eat it will be provided if employee works over 11 hours.
Medical benefits: Alberta Carpenters and Allied Workers Health and Wellness Plan.
Pension: Employer will match employee’s contribution to RRSP up to $1,500 per year.
Bereavement leave: 3 days immediately following the death of spouse or common-law partner, parents, mother- or father-in-law, siblings, children, or grandparents.
Probationary period: 45 days.
Discipline: Sunset clause is 1 year.
Safety shoes: 80% of up to $250 for CSA-approved work boots every 18 months.
Sample rates of pay (current):
Start rate: $20.61
Level 1: $21.65
Level 2: $23.73
Level 3: $28.75
Editor’s notes: Leave: 30-day unpaid leave per year, if employee requests it. 

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