Tax workers reject tentative settlement with CRA

Now in legal strike position

Members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada/Union of Taxation Employees (PSAC/UTE) who work at the Canada Revenue Agency have voted to support their bargaining team's recommendation and reject a settlement that their union reached with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in April.

This now places the workers in a legal strike position.

"After more than four years of frustration, we want to negotiate a fair agreement," said Bob Campbell, national president of the UTE, a component of PSAC. "We urge the CRA to join us at the table and negotiate a contract that is fair to our hardworking members."

The UTE bargaining team said it wants to see a contract that addresses the compensation issues raised in bargaining and to achieve improvements that are in line with what was negotiated for thousands of other federal employees. 

“We will be prepared to take strike action if necessary," said Robyn Benson, national president of PSAC. "It is unacceptable that we have had to wait more than four years and have yet to achieve a fair contract with the CRA. Under the law, our strike mandate is valid for 60 days. We expect to return to the bargaining table to conclude a fair collective agreement."

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