Workers at Leuschen Transportation in Timmins, Ont., join UFCW

Harassment, favouritism must be addressed: Union

Workers at Leuschen Transportation in Timmins, Ont., are the newest members of United Food and Commercial Workers Canada (UFCW) Canada Local 175 after voting to join the union April 21.

“The Leuschen Transportation workers faced great adversity from the employer when trying to join the union,” said Farman Ali, UFCW Local 175 organizer. “But they made it clear that, despite management’s threats and intimidation, they wanted to have their voices heard and taken seriously by the company.”

The new members at Leuschen Transportation — a school bus transportation company — were united in their effort to achieve better wages and job security by joining UFCW. They also want to be treated with respect on the job, and wish to address concerns of harassment and favouritism in the workplace, said the union.

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