Workers reject final offer from Ottawa’s Innotech Aviation

Strike possible on Christmas Day: IAM

Members of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM), Local 2413 union rejected the final contract offer on Dec. 17 by Innotech Aviation in Ottawa and will be in a legal strike position on Christmas Day.

“Our position from day-one of bargaining has been that this is not, nor has it ever been a minimum-wage job and that a DZ License is required for line-service reps (LSRs),” said Michael Corrado IAM transportation district lodge 140 general chairperson. “The employer is proposing entry level wages that resemble those paid to students in the fast-food industry.”

The members at Innotech consist of customer service representatives (CSR) and line-service representatives which service, fuel, tow, park and de-ice aircraft at the fixed base operator.

The employer has difficulties hiring DZ licensed drivers at these near minimum-wage salaries. The employer has proposed to pay for the DZ license training of their employees but will recoup the costs of this training if the employee doesn’t stay for at least a year and a half, said the union.

Innotech operates the Shell Aero Centre at the Ottawa International Airport providing fueling and baggage handling services for Swift Air, Delta Charters, Miami Air, Transport Canada, Department of Defense, Air North, Ornge Air Ambulance, U.S. military, Netjets and Keewatin Air.

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