Why health insurance carriers 
are betting on tech to improve service

Digital tools, artificial intelligence, analytics help employers and employees
By Julie Bevacqua
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/30/2019
HR Technology
Digital tools, artificial intelligence and analytics help employers and employees. Credit: Brian A Jackson (Shutterstock)

With the health insurance sector facing shifting market dynamics, business as usual is no longer an acceptable strategy for insurance carriers in 2019.

Among multiple complicating factors, government policy has the power to impact insurance providers’ revenue strategies and employers’ group benefits plans. On the federal front, the NDP has promised to institute a universal and comprehensive national pharmacare program in 2020 if they win the election.

Insurance carriers and employers face additional challenges as the baby boomer generation ages and chronic disease incidence increases, often with comorbidities or polymorbidities such as depression in conjunction with chronic pain, or diabetes coupled with high blood pressure and cholesterol.