Emergenetics Canada

Emergenetics Canada
60 Panatella Rise NW
Calgary, Alberta T3K 0W9
Phone: 403-226-0878
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Training and Development

Description: The Meeting of the Minds workshop is an intellectually engaging and socially stimulating learning experience. During the workshop participants receive their Emergenetics Profile, which reveals their thinking preferences and preferred behavioural styles. The workshop creates a culture of inclusion where differences are valued. Participants learn how to promote healthy team dynamics and better collaborate by leveraging diverse perspectives and core concepts. Emergenetics learning experiences are multi-modal and include in-class and/or online training, plus digital resources (Emergenetics+ App).

Assessments/Psychological Testing

Description: The Emergenetics Profile is a contemporary assessment developed from a foundation of brain science. Emergenetics provides accurate, versatile psychometric profiling complimented by multi-modal learning experiences. The Emergenetics Profile accurately measures three behavioural attributes and four thinking attributes. The attributes are represented in a clear, color-coded report, making it memorable and immediately applicable. With this knowledge, individuals and teams develop strategies to leverage diverse perspectives, build trust, boost employee engagement and improve team effectiveness.