INKAS Security Services

Toronto (89 guards, drivers, custodians, vault employees, cash-processing employees, control-room employees) and Teamsters Canada, Local 419

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Renewal agreement: Effective Oct. 30, 2017, to Oct. 29, 2021. Signed on Feb. 16, 2018. 
Wage adjustments: 
Effective Oct. 30, 2018: $0.50 per hour
Effective Oct. 30, 2019: $0.50 per hour
Effective Oct. 30, 2020: $0.50 per hour
Shift premium: $1 per hour for all hours worked on night shift. $1 per hour for each shift worked as trainer.
Paid holidays: 10 days, plus 1 floater day. 
Vacations with pay: 1 day per month, maximum 10 days or 4% to start, 2 weeks after 1 year, 3 weeks after 5 years, 4 weeks after 10 years, 5 weeks after 18 years, 6 weeks after 25 years. 
Overtime: For 5-day employees, time and one-half for all work after 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week. For 4-day employees, time and one-half for all work after 10 hours per day or 40 hours per week. For 3-day employees, time and one-half for all work after 12 or 13 hours per day or 40 hours per week. 
Medical benefits: After 1 year of service, employer will contribute to Teamsters Benefits Programme Trust Fund. In year 1 and 2, employer pays 50% of premiums, employee pays 50% of premiums. In year 3, employer pays 70% of premiums, employee pays 30% of premiums. Effective Oct. 30, 2020: Employer contributes $558 per month per employee.
Dental: 100% for basic dental services. 50% for major dental services. 50% for orthodontic services (for dependent children younger than 19 only). Combined maximum $2,000 per covered person per year. Orthodontic services maximum $2,500 per lifetime.
Vision: Coverage is 100%. Maximum amount payable for contacts, eyeglasses is $350 per 12-month period for persons younger than 18 or $350 per 24-month period for persons 18 or older. Eye examinations are covered for individuals age 20 or older, maximum $80 every 24 months. For contact lenses, eyeglass lenses, or eyeglass frames required after cataract surgery, maximum is $200 per lifetime (only if vision can be improved to at least 20/40 level).
Paramedical: $2,000 per year per family for all practitioners combined (chiropractor, osteopath, naturopath, podiatrist/chiropodist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist without referral, registered massage therapist, registered clinical psychologist, speech therapist, acupuncturist, prolotherapist when treatment duration and type is prescribed by licensed doctor (MD)).
LTD: 70% of monthly earnings, maximum $3,000 per month. 
AD&D: Coverage of 2-times basic annual earnings, maximum $150,000.
Life insurance: Coverage of 2-times basic annual earnings, maximum $500,000.
Pension: Employer will contribute to Teamsters Local Union 419 Defined Contribution Pension Plan. Effective Oct. 30, 2020: 3.5% for employees with 5 years of service. Effective Oct. 30, 2020: 4.5% for employees with 10 years of service. Employer will participate in voluntary group RRSP by collecting payroll contributions made by employees.
Bereavement leave: 3 days for death in immediate family (parents, spouse’s parents, step-parents, spouse, grandparents, spouse’s grandparents, children, brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, grandchildren).
Seniority – recall rights: 12 months. 
Probationary period: 1,040 hours of work. 
Discipline: Sunset clause is 12 months.
Severance: 2 weeks’ pay with less than 3 years of service; 4 weeks’ pay after 3 years of service; 1 week’s pay per year of service, maximum 20 weeks after 15 years of service.
Safety shoes: $175 once every 2 years for black police-style boots or shoes which must be CSA-approved. 
Uniforms/clothing: Employer will furnish and pay for uniform equipment for employees as required. All road-crew employees will be supplied with bullet-resistant garment that must be worn while on duty. Replacement vests will be provided upon return of expired vest.
Sample rates of hourly pay (current, after $1.50-per-hour increase):
Messenger: $22 rising 3 steps to $23.50
Messenger/guard dual-custodian: $22 rising 3 steps to $23.50 
Driver: $21 rising 3 steps to $22.50
Guard: $20 rising 3 steps to $21.50
Vault/coin: $18 rising 3 steps to $19.50
Control/EDC: $17 rising 3 steps to $18.50
Part-time employees (in plant): $16 (probation) rising to $16.50 (end of probation)
Part-time employees (on road): $17 (probation) rising to $17.50 (end of probation)
Editor’s notes: Overnight stays: Employees will be provided with meal allowances on second and subsequent days. $15 for breakfast; $20 for lunch; $30 for dinner. Employees will be provided with reasonable hotel lodging (2 employees per double room). Assault insurance: Employer will provide $75,000 felonious-assault insurance for all employees. Orthopaedic shoes: Maximum $300 per year for 1 pair per year. Hearing aids: $500 every 5 years per covered person.

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