Sunwing pilots association merges with Canadian Auto Workers

CAW airline sector experience will benefit pilots: Union president

The association representing pilots at Sunwing Airlines has merged with the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW), according to the Sunwing Pilots Association (SUNPAC).

About 150 members of SUNPAC are now CAW members after an agreement was recently finalized merging the two groups. The CAW already represents about 12,000 Canadian airline workers.

"We are pleased that this group of pilots has decided to merge with the CAW and I want to welcome them into our union," said CAW president Ken Lewenza.

The merger will benefit the Sunwing pilots in a number of ways, said SUNPAC president Cpt. Dave Matkovich.

“The CAW's considerable experience in the aerospace and airline sector was a key factor in our decision to join with CAW Canada and we look forward to utilizing the services now available to us," Matkovich said.

The CAW represents ticket agents, ground handling, pilots, mechanics, airline catering, cargo and crew schedulers across the country.

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