Wolfe Island paramedic station unionizes

Station transitioned from volunteer to unionized operation

The Wolfe Island paramedic station in Ontario’s Frontenac County officially transitioned from a volunteer operation to a unionized one.

A memorandum of settlement was reached between the employer and the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) Local 462 in early February. The settlement implemented a new development plan and transitioned the paramedics on the island to union members.

The employees in question are now covered by a collective agreement.

The Wolfe Island base had been operated by volunteers since 1974 and was the last of its kind in Ontario.

“This is the end of over forty years of service by volunteers on Wolfe Islande,” said Paul J. Charbonneau, director of emergency and transportation services and chief of paramedic services for the County of Frontenac.

“However, the new development plan will significantly improve response times to the citizens and visitors on Wolfe Island.”

Frontenac’s paramedic services operate eight ambulance stations and provide services to nearly 150,000 people.

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