B.C. chooses date for Family Day

Second Monday in February starting in 2013

The government of British Columbia has decided Family Day will take place on the second Monday in February each year, beginning in 2013.

“Having our own unique day in B.C. creates distinctive opportunities for families and local businesses,” said Premier Christy Clark. "British Columbians will be able to enjoy all kinds of local attractions with fewer lineups and less out-of-town traffic.

The decision to select the second Monday in February comes after the government consulted with the public and private sectors, as well citizens.

Record numbers of British Columbians participated in online discussions by sharing their thoughts and registering their preference, said the government. The web poll component of the Family Day website gathered 31,146 selections and 3,069 comments, with the choice of the second Monday registering a total of 18,202 selections, 9,436 selections for the third Monday, and 3,508 selections of no preference.

“We are very pleased with the outcome and we are confident that this decision will drive significant benefits for the tourism industry, the provincial economy and the people of British Columbia,” said David Lynn, president and CEO of Canada’s West Ski Areas Association.

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