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Future of work about much more than technology, automation: Report

Employers must prepare for broader trends impacting labour market – including a possible rise in wildfires, floods and mudslides


Focusing on men to help women: Report

‘Men’s reluctance to shed the financial provider role is a key impediment to gender equality’



The skills budget

Federal plan puts focus on shifting economy, employee transitions


‘Strong disconnect’ in leaders’, employees’ view of innovative culture

Diversity cited as strong driver of success: Survey


Employer reputation important consideration in harassment cases

Ontario arbitrator cites ‘increased awareness of pervasiveness of sexual misconduct’


Moonlighting workers who view second job as ‘calling’ often less engaged: Study

Primary employers should require disclosure or permission for gig work, says lawyer


Employers look to refugees to ease labour shortage issues

Guide promotes inclusive workplaces, accommodation of cultural differences


Students, workers unprepared for age of robots: Experts

Employer adjustments necessary to usher in next revolution


Self-serve health screening kiosks gain traction

Employees can track key metrics



Several issues to consider in calling a snow day: Experts

Employers should factor in workplace safety, legislation, payroll and morale


Feds invest in readying Canadians for future of work

Establishing Future Skills Centre, council ‘critical step’: Minister


Parkinson’s disease on the rise: Report

Employers must better accommodate 'invisible' disabilities, say experts


Many workers unprepared for retirement

Important for HR to engage staff on financial literacy, say experts


It's not 'business as usual' after harassment investigations

'What can be challenging is dealing with the aftermath': Expert


Tips on how to advance your HR career

Expert panel shares insights on how to stay relevant in the field


Mental health issues on the rise: Survey

Building employee resiliency best tool to combat problem, say experts


January most popular time for calling in sick: Survey

‘Excessive sick leaves seem to be more related to motivation than germs’


Myth of ‘superstar CEO’ drives excessive pay: Report

U.K. report highlights challenges for compensation committees

Many CFOs unprepared when it comes to finding successors: Survey

'While your organization is looking to recruit that role, everything is essentially static... that's a risk': Expert


Bill 66 could have ‘pretty profound’ impact on Ontario employers

Proposed changes would cut bureaucracy, aid flexibility: Lawyers


Quebec’s changed labour standards take effect

Harassment, scheduling, overtime, leaves of absence, pay equality among new rules


Offering choice in CSR activity spurs employee engagement: Study

Quality programming can also attract younger recruits, say experts