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Feds invest $5.4 billion in skills training, labour market transitions in Quebec

Employers adapting to new labour market reality: Experts


Ontario government invests in virtual reality to attract job candidates

Immersive modules meant to promote trade occupations



Unions celebrate ‘tremendously significant’ pay equity victory in Ontario

But ruling ‘potentially catastrophic’ for employers: Lawyer


Welding labour shortage draws government attention

Assessment portal aims to help foreign welders gain credentials


How bots, AI and robotic automation are shaping human resources

Panel addresses technological changes within profession


Workers displaced by automation to receive fresh start via pilot program

Federal government announces $1.1 million for reskilling effort


‘Perks’ most popular query by jobseekers: Report

Ethics, bullying, harassment also top searches for work-related concerns


Sick workers linked to spike in flu-related doctor visits: Research

‘Having a generous sick day policy may be good for the bottom line’


Complexity of statutory holiday pay challenges employers

’It’s one of the top 5 non-compliance issues in Canada’


Immigrant workers only way to sustain Canadian labour force: Report

Automation, increased birthrate, underrepresented groups not enough


Feds facing challenges in hiring tech workers: Report

Complex hiring rules, processes put government at disadvantage


CEO faces $100,000 penalty under CASL

‘It’s a good reminder liability can extend to officers, directors’


Six months later, is cannabis still a workplace concern?

Issues remain, but much of pre-legalization hype was overblown: Experts


Remote work has its risks: Survey

Security of data, devices a concern for many workers, employers


Violence in long-term care facilities ‘normalized’ for workers: Study

‘They are being emotionally exploited to do the best they can’


Future of work about much more than technology, automation: Report

Employers must prepare for broader trends impacting labour market – including a possible rise in wildfires, floods and mudslides


Focusing on men to help women: Report

‘Men’s reluctance to shed the financial provider role is a key impediment to gender equality’


The skills budget

Federal plan puts focus on shifting economy, employee transitions


‘Strong disconnect’ in leaders’, employees’ view of innovative culture

Diversity cited as strong driver of success: Survey


Employer reputation important consideration in harassment cases

Ontario arbitrator cites ‘increased awareness of pervasiveness of sexual misconduct’


Moonlighting workers who view second job as ‘calling’ often less engaged: Study

Primary employers should require disclosure or permission for gig work, says lawyer


Employers look to refugees to ease labour shortage issues

Guide promotes inclusive workplaces, accommodation of cultural differences


Students, workers unprepared for age of robots: Experts

Employer adjustments necessary to usher in next revolution


Self-serve health screening kiosks gain traction

Employees can track key metrics