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September 19, 2018

Falling stars

Performance ratings prove less popular as employers migrate to developmental model

Whistle while you work

Workers see productivity gains with music at work: Survey



September 12, 2018

Revamping the rules of work

Federal government seeks update to labour code

‘Arising out of employment’

Ontario court delivers surprising decision



September 5, 2018

Managing marijuana

Are employers truly prepared for the implications of recreational and medical cannabis?

Coping with precarious work

HR has important role to play: Experts



August 29, 2018

Supporting truth and reconciliation

Employers, payroll concerned about potential of new holiday

Adopting AI

Integration is key, but barriers remain: Survey



August 22, 2018

Jail time for wage violations

Ontario case serves as warning to employers

Countering the counter-offer

Approach not so effective long-term: Survey



August 15, 2018

Does open concept make sense?

Study finds less face-to-face interaction, more withdrawal among employees

Questioning financial wellness

Some employers aren’t convinced these programs produce results


August 8, 2018

Culture and emotion

Calm, collected candidates might be at a disadvantage in a culture focused on excitement

Decriminalizing drugs?

Employers can help “destigmatize dependency”


August 1, 2018

‘We need more workers’

Hotels get funding injection amidst labour shortage

Learning about microlearning

Short, focused training finds foothold



July 25, 2018

Cautious about coverage

Many insurers are wary of medical marijuana

Embracing gig workers

Purolator drives for success during ‘disruptive’ times



July 18, 2018

Revamping recruitment

Too many retail and hospitality candidates are dropping out of the interview process

The perks of telecommuting

Offering flexibility helps with attraction, retention: Survey



July 11, 2018

Helping those in health care

Toronto hospital recognized for national leadership in workplace mental health

Understanding mental health

Survey shows many people are struggling