May 16, 2013

7 in 10 execs willing to negotiate starting salary: Survey

Especially with applicants who have specialized skills

Talented professionals who accept an initial job offer may be leaving money on the table, according to a new survey by the Creative Group.

More than seven in 10 (71 per cent) advertising and marketing executives interviewed said they are willing to negotiate compensation when extending a job offer to a top candidate — 24 per cent said they are “somewhat willing” and 47 per cent said they are “very willing,” found the poll of 250 executives across Canada.

One-quarter (25 per cent) said they were not willing to negotiate compensation.

“Job seekers may not realize it, but many companies are willing to negotiate starting salaries right now, especially with professionals who have specialized skills,” said Alicia Brum, division director of the Creative Group’s Toronto operations. “At the final stages of the hiring process, businesses have already invested a significant amount of time and resources to recruit a particular candidate, and they may be more inclined to negotiate to avoid losing the person to another offer.”

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