Canadian HR Reporter
Jul 2, 2013

Winners of reservist awards

19 employers were honoured for supporting reservists across the country from the Canadian Forces Liaison Council
Most Supportive Employer Awards
General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, Canada and Quebec
Ledcor, British Columbia
General Dynamics Canada, Alberta
Ffun Enterprises, Saskatchewan 
Confederation College, Manitoba
General Electric, Ontario 
Xplornet Communications, New Brunswick 
Independent Security Services Atlantic, Nova Scotia 
Confederation Bridge, Prince Edward Island
Johnson, Newfoundland and Labrador 

Special Award for Support to the Reserve Force
Port of Sept-Îles
Home Depot of Canada 
Correctional Services of Canada Grand Cache Institution
Western Framing

Special Award for Support to Student Reservists
College of Law, University of Saskatchewan

Support to Canadian Forces Operations International
VanOostrum Farm Equipment

Most Supportive to Reservists Serving in Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service
Charlottetown Airport Authority
Nykolaishen Farm Equipment
The Dominion