Dec 23, 2014

N.S. tightens regulations requiring record checks for daycare workers

Vulnerable-sector checks to be used

HALIFAX (CP) — Nova Scotia's government has brought in new regulations that increase its authority to ensure child care staff have received criminal record checks before they're allowed to work with children.

Provincial spokesperson Gary Andrea says under the old rules a staff person whose check had lapsed could continue to work for up to 90 days before they had to comply.

He said under the new rules, no person who lacks the criminal record check will be allowed to continue working in a child care facility until the record is brought up to date.

In addition, the criminal-record check will be replaced by the vulnerable-sector check in June 2015, and must be renewed every five years.

The vulnerable sector check goes beyond the criminal record check, to include a search of the pardoned sex offender database.

The new rules come into force as of Tuesday.