Jun 25, 2019

Concerned about a robot takeover? Not Canadians

Employers more worried about dealing with tech than workers: Survey

Nearly three in five Canadian workers believe their careers will not be affected by artificial intelligence (AI) or automation, according to a survey of 400 workers and 300 managers.

One-quarter of workers believe AI, automation and other technologies will transform their work in a positive way, while 16 per cent are bracing for a negative impact.

Those expecting positive benefits cite the ability to focus on creativity and problem-solving, increased productivity and the ability to develop new skills, according to the Robert Half survey.

Workers expecting negative impact fear an eventual elimination of their role, reduced opportunity for creativity and problem-solving, as well as excessive reliance on technology to do their job.

Nearly half (49 per cent) of employers surveyed predict advances in technology will require their staff to gain new skills, while 48 per cent are expecting changes in processes.

Ninety per cent say upskilling staff will be a challenge, while 88 per cent believe finding professionals with requisite skills will be difficult.

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