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    U.S. companies installed more robots last year than ever before, as cheaper and more flexible machines put them within reach of businesses of all sizes and in more corners of the economy beyond their traditional foothold in car plants.

    U.S. employment is surging and not just for us human beings.

    A report out Thursday (Feb. 28) shows American companies employed a record number of robots last year.

    So if you think robots are coming after your job, you may be right.

    Companies installed nearly 30,000 robots in 2018, a nearly 16 per cent increase than in 2017, and the most in a single year so far.

    That's according to a study by the Association for Advancing Automation.

    The rise of the robot worker hit another milestone this week.

    Fedex unveiled what it calls the 'SameDay Bot.'

    It intends this mini-fridge on wheels could soon deliver groceries and even pizza to your door.

    The new report says food and consumer good companies brought in 60 per cent more robots in 2018 than the year before.

    Sticking with pizza, it's no surprise why: The inventors of this robot in France say it can produce 120 pies an hour.

    A simple human can make 40 at best.

    Part of the pressure comes as companies try to cut labour costs in a tightening human job market.

    Yahaira Jacquez/Reuters