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    A Chinese factory that makes Amazon's Echo Dot smart speakers and Kindles is under pressure after a rights group uncovered what it calls harsh working conditions.

    The factory in the southern province of Hunan is run by Foxconn.

    The Taiwan-based company is the world's largest contract electronics manufacturer.

    It's factory horsepower helped Apple conquer the smartphone world.

    Foxconn said it's now looking into the report.

    Rights group China Labor Watch said it discovered problems at the Hunan plant after sending an investigator inside disguised as a worker.

    It's report listed a range of problems including a lack of safety equipment, verbally abusive managers, overwork and low wages.

    It also found that about 40% of the factory's workforce are actually temporary employees called dispatch workers.

    That's a violation of Chinese law - which caps the number at 10%

    The report also said the workers don't get any overtime wages even if they work the extra hours.

    And at peak season they can rack up to 100 hours of overtime each month - far more than the 36 hours allowed by law.

    Amazon audited the factory in March and said the problems with overtime and dispatch workers were quote "issues of concern"

    It's told Foxconn to fix the problem.

    Foxconn has a troubled track record in China.

    It came under fire in 2010 for a spate of suicides at factories that make Apple iPhones.