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    For all the Starbucks coffee drinkers out there

    Ever thought of having your Starbucks served by senior staff only?

    The company is opening its first branch operated entirely by staff over age 55

    in Colonia del Valle neighborhood in Mexico city

    Sergio Arrioja is 1 of the 7 adults aged 55-60 hired at the café

    as part of a program of labor inclusion that gives senior citizens opportunities


    "I see this new generation, the enthusiasm they have working for this company and they talk to us with a lot of respect, attention, courtesy and I think we have formed a very interesting link and in the end of the day, it turns into a productive job for everyone."

    Arrioja & his colleagues work a maximum of 6.5 hrs per day & has 2 days off per week

    and are provided with insurance for major medical expenses

    Some 12 million senior citizens represent 10% of Mexico's population

    Starbucks aims to provide employment to 120 seniors by the end of 2018