The Marathon for Talent: How to attract & retain talent through a long-term lens

As employers pivot quickly in the race of acquiring top talent, one thing is certain: attraction and retention strategies need to make a lasting impact on the workforce.  

Don’t miss this free industry webinar, as experts Derek Dobson and Dr Susan Black delve into CEO-to-CEO insights and other data from organizations across Canada who have identified key challenges with today’s talent acquisition – and more importantly, have found hidden opportunities to overcome them.  

Tangible ideas and success stories will be shared, including new workplace retirement solution trends, particularly modern defined benefit pension plans. 

Watch now the free session and gain insights on: 

  • A winning formula to overcome existing talent attraction challenges  
  • Solutions to improve business and workforce management outcomes   
  • How to get an edge on your competitors by using a long-term, prudent approach  
  • How to bring more financial wellness into the workplace