New Zealand cops use humour, Hollywood style in recruitment video

Video racks up nearly one million views and counting
||Last Updated: 12/04/2017
New Zealand Police Recruitment Video
Internet star William "Waiirua" Cribb does — well, whatever this move is — in a screen grab from the highly entertaining New Zealand Police recruitment video. YouTube

At Canadian HR Reporter, we’re a sucker for a good recruitment video.

Even better if the video makes us laugh — and the New Zealand Police checked off all the boxes with their latest effort, which has been viewed nearly one million times on YouTube as of Dec. 1.

The “Do You Care Enough to be a Cop?” campaign uses a mix of brash Hollywood style, humour and teamwork to get the message out that being a police officer can be a great career.

It features the police band, helicopters, a YouTube star — and more. But don’t take our word for it. Have a look for yourself.

Do you care enough to be a cop?

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