Four employers recognized for leadership in workplace wellness

Allstate Insurance, Klenzoid, Ferrero and FGL Sports given awards
||Last Updated: 11/27/2017
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FGL Sports operates more than 400 stores from coast to coast, under the banners: Sport Chek, Sports Experts, Atmosphere, National Sports, Intersport, Hockey Experts, Pro-Hockey Life, Sports Rousseau and L'entrepôt du Hockey. ​Google Street View

Four Canadian organizations received awards this week for their commitment to health and wellness in the workplace. 

Allstate Insurance Company of Canada in Markham, Ont., Klenzoid Canada in Mississauga, Ont., and Ferrero Canada of Brantford, Ont., were given GoodLife Fitness Health & Wellness Leadership Awards for demonstrating significant efforts to foster cultures of workplace wellness through continuous improvement in fitness, activity, nutrition, education and employee behavioural change.

A special gold status award was presented to Calgary-based FGL Sports for winning multiple years in a row.

“These companies understand that taking care of your employees pays huge dividends – team members are happier, healthier and more engaged, the work environment is balanced, and the business is more successful,” said David Patchell-Evans, GoodLife founder and CEO.

The award recognizes four aspects of workplace wellness programs: leadership and innovation, culture and engagement, rewards and recognition, and personal growth.

Allstate Insurance Company of Canada 

Senior executives at Allstate Insurance Company of Canada lead by example, encouraging their teams to use the stairs, hold meetings on-the-go, take more walks, and eat well. The organization’s Health & Wellness Committee produces an online newsletter that is shared with employees via their intranet. The committee also organizes regular corporate challenges, nutrition, and meal planning seminars, mental wellness initiatives and even an employee video contest focused on workplace wellness themes, said GoodLife.

“We make every effort to take care of our employees and provide support for their overall wellbeing as part of our Healthy Workplace Strategy,” says Adrianne Sullivan-Campeau, vice-president of HR at Allstate Insurance Company of Canada. “This strategy is made up of a four-pronged approach that focuses on our employee’s physical, nutritional, financial and mental wellbeing. And whether it’s fostering resilience, leading seminars on financial wellness, or offering a ’Dress for your day’ program, the goal is to create a healthy, balanced work environment that enables team members to thrive.”

Klenzoid Canada

Klenzoid Canada is an industrial water management company with many off-site consultants. This makes corporate wellness a challenge, but Klenzoid team members volunteer their time to be part of the wellness leadership team, according to GoodLife. The wellness team organizes and leads initiatives that include customized training on stress management, presentations on eating well on the go and monthly wellness activities and sessions.

The team also publishes a wellness blog with fitness videos, healthy recipes, content on trending health topics and company initiatives. Klenzoid subsidizes the costs for staff members to take part in a company relay triathlon, CN Tower Stair Climb, and Tough Mudder events. 

“Our employees generally work remotely and do not come into the office on a daily basis, which is why we decided to sponsor employees so everyone can participate in a healthy lifestyle and support group events for team building,” said Shannon Rowney, HR director at Klenzoid Canada. “We wanted to bring a strong focus on wellness in the workplace and recognize and reward individual participation. This approach helps our culture grow and increases our supportive work environment.”

Ferrero Canada

Ferrero Canada manufacturers and markets brands such as Ferrero Rocher, Nutella and Tic Tac. Ferrero recognizes the importance of having a corporate culture that supports its employees’ long-term growth and their overall health and well-being. The company offers a suite of wellness resources and programs to encourage mental wellness, physical activity, and healthy habits, according to GoodLife.

Based on input from regular employee surveys, Ferrero Canada customizes a workplace wellness program that includes discounted gym memberships, onsite boot camp and yoga classes and wellness seminars on topics like nutrition, stress management, and health issues. The Ferrero Canada soccer team plays regularly, with results sent out the next day to keep employees engaged and up to date on “their” team. The company also supports Mindful Mondays with morning meditation classes to encourage employee well-being.  

“Ferrero Canada isn’t just a place to come to work, it’s like a family. And we all know that taking care of your family, whether at home or at work, is a priority.  That’s why we choose to invest in our people and to do things that take care of the body, mind, and soul,” says Rudy Sequeira, managing director at Ferrero Canada.  “By listening to what our employees want and need, we can customize our services to what is most important to them.  Wellness is different for everyone and by offering a variety of options, we can support our employees while building a strong focus on workplace wellness.”

FGL Sports

FGL Sports operates more than 400 stores from coast to coast, under the banners: Sport Chek, Sports Experts, Atmosphere, National Sports, Intersport, Hockey Experts, Pro-Hockey Life, Sports Rousseau and L'entrepôt du Hockey. 

With sports and activity at the core of its business, FGL Sports has created an environment where employees across the organization are encouraged to look for balance, growth, challenge, and connection, said GoodLife. These pillars drive health and wellness programs, promoting employees to step back from work, connect with co-workers and challenge themselves to adopt healthier habits.  

Senior executives lead by example and this summer launched the 2017Faceoff Challenge, with over 360 participants and nine teams from Calgary and Markham offices. Over 90 days, participants competed in weekly nutrition, wellness, and fitness challenges – they cut out sugar for a week, drank eight glasses of water daily, held fitness competitions to do wall planks, squats, run a mile a day and more. Together they lost 530 lbs. and gained muscle, said GoodLife.

The company runs weekly Fun Fit Friday events and includes sports and fitness activities at off-site leadership conferences. Employees have access to an on-site personal trainer and can track their blood pressure, BMI, weight and more on machines in the office. There is an onsite tech shop to tune up employees’ sports equipment, along with access to gym facilities, a wellness coach, free workout classes and funding to become certified coaches.

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