Too many coping with burnout

Unmanageable workloads, constant interruptions both contributors: survey
By Sarah Dobson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 08/29/2019

Now that we’ve moved to a new office downtown, I’m trying to bike to work every day. A stretch of beautiful summer weather has helped my cause.

As much as I’m craving a rainy day so I can enjoy a relaxing streetcar ride for a change, I’m really enjoying my 30-minute commute on two wheels. I don’t have to rely on transit or contend with unexpected traffic delays — a bike pretty much always gets through.

It’s also a great way to destress. A bike ride at the end of the day lets me temporarily shed the challenges of the office. I hop on, weaving through bike lanes and pushy drivers and disoriented tourists, and lose myself in the chaos and the calm.