Charges against safety-conscious Regina company dismissed by court

Employer’s extensive safety procedures showed reasonable measures taken
By Jeffrey R. Smith
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 08/29/2019
Forklift inside a construction materials company
A Regina worker was hurt by items falling off a forklift at a construction materials company in 2016. Credit: Maxx-Studio (shutterstock)

A Saskatchewan company has been exonerated of health and safety charges after a court found its safety system and training were extensive and the circumstances leading to an accident that seriously injured a worker were unforeseeable.

WINROC is a construction materials company that runs a warehousing operation in Regina for drywall and other construction materials. The company has several safety procedures for its workplace, including monthly safety meetings between management and the workplace safety committee, an orientation program for new employees — including safety issues and drug and alcohol screening — and occasional safety meetings at the regional office.

In addition, the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association performs a full external safety audit every three years and the company performs annual internal audits. An up-to-date safety manual is kept on the counter of the business office for employees to consult.