The Weird Workplace

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|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/20/2017
The Weird Workplace
Credit: Pavel Fiadkevich (Shutterstock)


NAPLES, ITALY — What employee wouldn’t like to play hooky, skipping out on work to enjoy some much-needed rest or hang out with friends? Well, employees at an Italian hospital in Naples may have taken the concept a bit too far — one supervisor at the Loreto Mare hospital was found working as a chef at a hotel, while an on-duty doctor was seen playing tennis and going shopping. Two health workers were caught clocking in 20 colleagues to make it look like they were on the job each day. In total, 94 workers have been placed under investigation of suspicion of repeatedly skipping work, according to Reuters, with 55 placed under house arrest. Public sector workers caught skipping work can be immediately suspended in Italy as part of the government’s recent efforts to cut down on the behaviour.