Profiting from bad guys

U.K. police force raises money a different way
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/01/2018
The Leicestershire Police in England have taken to eBay to sell items seized from criminals. Credit: Miro Kovacevic (Shutterstock)

LEICESTERSHIRE, U.K. – The Leicestershire Police in England have taken to eBay to sell items seized from criminals, and have raised more than $1 million pounds (C$1.7 million), according to the Daily Mail. The force has sold more than 6,000 items including high-end jewelry, clothes, sports cars and houses. The economic crime unit, which is allowed to raise the funds through the Proceeds of Crime Act, even sold a plane that belonged to a drug trafficker. The funds are shared between the force, the Home Office, and the Crown Prosecution Service, as well as victims of crimes. “We are continually working to take the cash out of crime and to target people who are benefitting financially from criminal activity,” said Paul Wenlock, head of the economic crime unit at Leicestershire Police.

Bedding with burgers

LETHBRIDGE, ALTA. – Health inspectors made an interesting discovery recently at a Burger King — they found “sleeping/living accommodations” and suspected foreign workers were sleeping in the basement, according to the Canadian Press, which is a health code violation. The owner of the Lethbridge, Alta., location, denied the accusations, said Burger King: “However, we will continue to ensure compliance with our high operational standards.” The mattresses and furniture were eventually removed, and the franchise was ordered not to let people sleep on the premises. A subsequent inspection by the Ministry of Labour found no health and safety or employment standards issues.