Aboriginals a ‘strategic imperative’

Alberta employers honoured for work in diversity, community
By Shannon Klie
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/25/2011

In 2010, PTI Group hired nearly 200 Aboriginal Peoples in Alberta. So far, the Edmonton-based company has retained 94 per cent of those hires.

“It’s a better retention rate than any other demographic we have working in the company,” said Sandy Sanderson, director of Aboriginal relations at PTI, which provides workforce accommodation, facilities management and catering services to resource industries, many in remote parts of the province.

It’s a strategic imperative for the company to develop good relationships with Aboriginal communities, said Sanderson. And since the majority of PTI’s work in Canada takes place on or near traditional Aboriginal land, Sanderson created a strategic plan for Aboriginal relations nearly three years ago. He educated employees about the importance of working with Aboriginal communities and the requirement all firms consult with Aboriginal nations before developing on traditional land, according to a 2004 Supreme Court of Canada ruling.