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Underage workers need protection: AFL; Manitoba introduces flextime legislation
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/06/2011

Underage workers need protection: AFL

CALGARY — There are widespread violations of employment standards for working children and adolescents in Alberta, according to a study by the Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL) and Athabasca University. In 2009, 6.3 per cent of children aged nine to 11 were employed and 78 per cent of their jobs were illegal. That same year, 26,000 adolescent workers (12 to 14) were employed and more than 21 per cent worked in prohibited occupations. The AFL called on Alberta’s employment minister, Thomas Lukaszuk, to immediately reverse the decision to allow children as young as 12 to work in restaurants and commit to a continuing program of random inspections for employers known to employ underage workers.

Manitoba introduces flextime legislation