Top HR pros honoured in Alberta

HRIA hands out hardware for those going ‘above and beyond’
By Amanda Silliker
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/24/2011

When Adam Czarnecki started at GreatWest Kenworth in 2006, the organization had an intranet with two pages and four broken links. So he decided to start from scratch and completely revamp the system.

Now the intranet has everything employees need, including forms, organizational charts, standards, company information, policies and copies of three monthly newsletters (health and safety, payroll and general company-wide information) Czarnecki started himself.

“I was really surprised there wasn’t really a single source of information and everything was paper-driven,” said Czarnecki, HR manager at the Calgary-based truck dealer. “It was almost a selfish need — I needed one source for everything and I knew communication was a big issue in any company so this was definitely a tool we needed.”