Good fit between behaviour description and Internet

Interviewing online is more efficient, cheaper and faster.
By Greg Mooney
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/22/2004

The director of executive development for a major computer firm was in a tough spot. The note from her CFO was short. “Find another solution,” was all it said. She knew it was going to be tough; after all it was a daunting and expensive project.

They needed to select 30 of their top managers from a pool of 100 located in nine countries for a critical training program to be held in Houston, in less than three months. One option was to fly everyone to an assessment centre in New York, at a cost of $800,000. The CFO didn’t like that.

More out of desperation than anything, the development director decided to try an online interviewing ASP offering from one of their industrial psychology vendors.