Are your managers in-line with online self-service HR?

By John Butler
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/25/2001

Is human resources self-service a help or a burden? Do managers use it or misuse it? As usual, it depends.

Companies are turning to the self-service model for providing HR assistance to employees and managers, just as banks have ubiquitously turned to ATM machines to provide assistance to customers. Self-service allows members of an organization to access selected HR information without having to engage one of the company’s HR specialists in the process of retrieving the information.

Self-service is touted for a number of reasons. It can reduce costs by reducing HR specialist time spent on low-level personnel information transactions. It can free HR staff to devote to higher-level activity — identifying and preventing potential problems, for instance. It can increase employees’ and managers’ use of HR information because they can retrieve information in the form they want, when they want it.