Letting the Armed Forces train your managers

By David Hurl
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 07/21/2003

With training and development funds scarce to come by for many businesses, the Canadian Reserve has a non-traditional and inexpensive way of developing skills that could be the answer to this problem.

According to a new report released by the Conference Board of Canada, Employability Skills 2000+, businesses are not investing enough money into the advancement of their employees. The report revealed that most businesses in Canada maintain lackluster training efforts despite evidence of a direct correlation between training and higher profits. Since 1993, spending on training has remained essentially static with companies investing an average of $800 to $850 per employee each year. Despite the benefits of training, some employers see the cost of professional development as too high and with the recent downturn of the economy, organizations may be left scrambling to find less expensive and alternative ways to provide professional development.

John Eaton, chairman of the board of Eaton’s of Canada Inc., says companies should consider employing Canadian Forces reservists.