The secret to success? It’s always people (Guest Commentary)

Follow 5 golden rules for business success
By Daphne Woolf
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/05/2012

If your organization is achieving its business goals, chances are it’s because you have great leaders and engaged employees working together in a motivating culture that brings the corporate vision and goals to life.

On the other hand, if goals aren’t being met, it’s likely you’re lacking in at least one of these three key elements — great leaders, engaged employees or a motivating culture.

An employer may have engaged employees but its culture may not support the right behaviours to produce business results. Or the culture could look great on paper but leaders haven’t been successful in bringing it to life. Or perhaps the organization has great leaders and wonderful team collaboration, but the corporate vision isn’t clear, and results and time frames haven’t been incorporated into performance expectations.