Ontario human rights regime gets passing grade

System isn’t in crisis but that’s no excuse for complacency, says Pinto report
By Shana French and Gerald Griffiths
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 01/28/2013

Amendments to Ontario’s Human Rights Code came into effect in 2008 amid great optimism. They revamped the model for adjudicating human rights disputes with a view to streamlining the process.

Three years after the amendments’ implementation, Andrew Pinto, a partner at Pinto Wray James in Toronto, was asked by the province to conduct a review. He provided 34 recommendations in a 233-page report he submitted to the attorney general in November.

Pinto “did not find a system in dysfunction, so no radical new approach is proposed.” But he did find “a human rights system that is working better but faces some important and urgent challenges.”