Find out what’s wrong before you fix it

By John Towler
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/23/2002

Almost every company knows that it must take an active part in training its workforce, preparing employees for jobs, promotions and future changes. Certainly employees expect, and even demand, that a company provide educational opportunities throughout their working careers.

The large number of courses, seminars and special training programs that are currently offered each year attest to the fact that we have accepted the idea of lifelong education. But one of the major problems confronting managers and human resource development departments is trying to decide who needs what kind of training, at what level and how much they need.

All too often someone in management sends someone for training for all the wrong reasons. Managers routinely send people off to their quota of courses without thinking about objectives. Employees are simply told “It’s your turn to take a course next month. Pick one of these three and take it.”