New HRPAO structure approved in close vote

By David Brown
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/09/2002

Fundamental changes to the board of directors of the Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario were narrowly accepted by the membership, last month, and only after an effort to prevent the changes by some discontented members.

The changes were an important part of plans to modernize the operations of the association.

To pursue the long-term plan established by the board last year, the association needed a different board structure and a different model of governance, said Dan Stapleton, CEO of HRPAO. Under the changes accepted by the members, the board will be reduced from 26 to a maximum of 15 members and new members to the board will be elected by the membership at large rather than as representatives of the regions. Members of the association voted on the changes at the annual general meeting during HRPAO’s conference held in Toronto, last month. The changes were passed by just a handful of votes.