Ottawa unveils national training and development strategy

Targets set but no cash or plan. More strategy roundtables to come.
By David Brown
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/19/2002

If the federal government has its way, all Canadian employers will increase their training budgets by one-third within five years.

The goal is one of several set out by Human Resources Development Canada and the Ministry of Industry in two position papers that comprise the long-awaited Innovation Strategy released jointly by the two ministries, last month.

HRDC will take a lead role in increasing the supply of skilled labour into the workforce, one part of the strategy to improve the competitiveness of Canadian businesses. Minister of HRDC Jane Stewart has called this the national skills agenda. And while the strategy outlines goals, there were no concrete plans. Rather, a series of consultations with key stakeholders will be held throughout the year to review the goals and create concrete plans of action.