Click on rewards: Recognition goes online

By John Mills
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/12/2002

North Americans have flocked to the Internet in staggering numbers. Whether it is for gathering information or for shopping online, people are realizing the benefits and convenience this new medium can provide. Surfing is easy, information is readily available and access to personal indulgences is 24/7.

Growing in parallel to the Internet is the development of company-specific intranet sites used to inform employees and gather information from them in a wide variety of areas. These sites exist in tandem with an organization’s Web site and offer employees an internal vehicle they can use to communicate, receive valuable company information and self manage many of the programs provided by the human resources department. These programs include dental and medical benefits, pension plans, RRSP programs, stock- and profit-sharing programs and government savings bonds programs.

For companies of all sizes, the latest addition to the growing list of online, self-managed employee programs is employee recognition programs.