Corporate support for HR education

Companies are recognizing it’s critical to prepare future HR leaders
By Asha Tomlinson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/29/2002

HR education is finally coming into its own. About 10 years ago, you’d be hard pressed to find people making large investments into HR education, however corporate executives are waking up and realizing the value in such an investment.

“The role and scope of an HR practitioner is changing and our understanding is that it takes a lot of planning to equip corporate Canada with students who have strong HR skills,” said Dave Cole, vice-president of HR for United Parcel Service Canada (UPS).

UPS recently donated almost $40,000 to York University in Toronto to expand its HR program. York plans to put this grant towards an annual HR workshop and lecture series that will focus on HR technology. The first workshop is scheduled for March 2003. Workshop topics will include the latest HR software, online recruitment strategies and tools, and electronic payroll systems.