Employer-supported volunteering builds communities, core competencies

Range of employer supports to choose from
By Paula Speevak Sladowski and Joanna Kaleniecka
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/20/2014

Canadians are caring, generous and highly engaged in their communities — in 2010, about one-half of them contributed their time, energy and skills to groups and organizations such as charities and non-profits. And more than five million people said they received support from their employers to volunteer, according to Statistics Canada.

Volunteers have provided leadership on boards and committees, canvassed for funds, provided advice, counselling or mentorship, visited seniors, prepared and delivered food, served as volunteer drivers, advocated for social causes, and coached children and youth.

The bulk of total volunteer hours (66 per cent) was given to five types of non-profit and charitable organizations: sports and recreation (19 per cent of total hours), social services (18 per cent), religion (15 per cent), education and research (nine per cent) and health (five per cent), according to the government.