Shoppers goes mobile, boosts engagement

‘Going Mobile’ projects lifted key employee engagement score by 21 points – and productivity, cost-savings metrics are next on the list
By Tammy Van Eck
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/20/2014

Top employers understand the importance of engagement — including its direct link to the bottom line. That’s why Shoppers Drug Mart has been on a journey over the past several years to better understand how we can continue to improve our engagement levels.

Opportunity knocked when employees told us they were unhappy with the tools and resources we offered and, more specifically, that the tools and resources weren’t helping them to be as productive as possible.

Market research was a great reality check that told us it was time to untether our deskbound employees. We responded by making it easier for them to tap into teams and colleagues across different locations, access information from the field and “officially” leverage their own devices.