Your mission: Unseat the chief executive officer

Online game takes users into the world of office politics
||Last Updated: 11/13/2002

A new office is handing out a most unusual employee handbook to its workers. The mission statement: Unseat the chief executive officer.

A Toronto business has turned the ins and outs of office life into an online game where players compete in the “toughest, meanest, slimiest office politics,” according to the Web site located at In this game, players are urged to “backstab, hire and fire" their way to the top.

The game posts five new moral and ethical questions each week. For example, “Your boss is desperate for someone to speak at a tradeshow. Do you go?” Users vote yes or no and learn the up-to-date results of the poll. Users then start, or join, a meeting. That’s when the fun really starts (see how to play the game below).