Everybody loves flex

Survey suggests most firms that don’t have them are planning on providing flexible benefits
By David Brown
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/21/2002

Statistics Canada recently confirmed a growing number of families are no longer one man and one woman living together with 2.5 children — benefit plans continue to change to reflect that reality, suggests a new study.

Families are changing and employees want their benefits to meet those changing needs. Most organizations feel flexible benefit plans are the inevitable solution, said Cathy O’Bright, a benefits consultant with the Calgary office of Hewitt Associates.

A survey by Hewitt suggests a large majority of organizations are at least thinking about going flex — giving employees some choice on how a portion of company benefit expenditures are spent. Hewitt conducted an online survey of 136 organizations from across the country earlier this year; 93 per cent of respondents said they have or will be introducing flexible benefit plans in the future (43 per cent already have them in place).