7 traits to look for in top headhunters

By Paul Tindall
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/21/2002

As organizations continue to grow, and the need to find suitable employees becomes more acute, many have been forced to move beyond conventional means of hiring — hiring from within, posting ads, searching job boards — and look to third-party recruiters for help.

Lifting the burden off today’s time-strapped HR department, a headhunter can launch an organization’s search for talent to a whole new level. They search for and contact individuals working in similar positions, scan piles of resumes and, upon identifying prospects, set up interviews. With their experience, contacts, knowledge of various markets, and assertive attitude, they persevere until they get the job done.

Despite the benefits of using headhunters, not all HR professionals are convinced. The lingering perception of headhunters as being overly aggressive and concerned only with personal success continues to taint the recruiting industry, deterring HR professionals from using them.