Rent, buy or build: Finding HRIS talent to keep HR technology solutions on track

By John Johnston
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/11/2003

It is tough to find great human resource professionals in the market today. It is also tough to find great information technology professionals as well. When you combine the requirements and look for someone who meets both criteria (great HR and great IT experience) you’ve brought your list down to a very small number of people who might qualify.

In a 2002 human resource competency study, David Ulrich and Wayne Brockbank state, “Technology is increasingly becoming a part of the workplace and as a delivery vehicle for HR services. HR professionals need to be able to leverage technology for HR practices and use e-HR/Web-based channels to deliver value to their customers.”

With HR technology knowledge becoming more central to the core competency of HR professionals, and the supply of qualified professionals subject to a tight market, there is a need to address the question, “How do companies find HRIS talent?”